Frequently Asked Questions

How to import a file #

Special characters for SMS #

SMS are typically sent out with the GSM7 Charset, which covers most characters.

The following characters equate to two characters in a text message:

\n \ ^ ~ [ ] { } | ~ €      

When you create a message with a Unicode character (basically all other characters not seen in the table below) the maximum number of characters of a single SMS will change from 160 to 70.

This means we will still send your message but at extra costs. For example; a message containing a Unicode character that has a length of 150 characters will be charged as 2 text messages.

In our Portal, we show a warning below the message preview when your message contains a Unicode character.

In the table below, you will find the standard characters that equate to one character. All characters in the table are standard, but may not show on the receiver’s phone depending on the handset’s capabilities. 

R  C  æ =MÑmñ
jzØ EöSC+;

Import validation messages #

Importing a file at our portal is divided into three steps.

1. Upload2. Validate3. Import

When uploading a file we first validate if this file has not been uploaded before, by looking at the filename. After uploading your file(s) we start the validation of the file content.

The validation depends on the script the record is imported for. For example, an SMS only script with PayLinks requires valid mobile numbers and invoice information. A voice script only requires a valid phone number and a family name.

The verification step can take some time, depending on the file size. The validation column shows the current status of a file. The page will auto-refresh until all files are done.

Click on the “View validation” button to view the validation messages.

Records Overview

Click or hold your cursor at the question mark next to the WARNING or ERROR, to view the detailed information.


The final status of a row/record.

SkippedSkipped validation of this row. This happens when we recognize the row as a header with colmn names.
RejectedSkipped validation of this row. This happens when we recognize the row as a header with column names.
CreatedRecord imported.


In the table below we give you some explanation of common messages.

DISCARDINGThe value in the column did not match the required format.The value will be set to an empty string. This might result in a second “Empty” error.
plugin: phonenumber
reason: invalid
The used phone number is listed in the call blocklist.The value will be set to an empty string. This might result in a second “Not enough phone numbers” error.
INVALID DATEThe date is not in the required date range. The pop-up on the question mark shows which field it is about.The record will be rejected.
NOT ENOUGH MOBILE NUMBERSThe phone number fields could be empty or do not contain mobile numbers.The record will be rejected.
EMPTYThe value of a required column is missing.The record will be rejected.
BLOCKED PHONE NUMBER(S)The used phone number is listed in the call block list.The record will be rejected.

After you confirm the import of the file(s) we start processing the records. In this process, we do an additional set of validations. View the file status and record details on the import page.